Since 2007 It has been my privilege to teach at Corner Music in Nashville, Tennessee.  Teaching there has been an essential aspect of my growth as a musician.   Since they have moved to North Nashville I have been able to expand my teaching to two locations.  Corner is my home base so if possible I would prefer you sign up there.  The new store is pretty amazing too so I am excited for everyone to see it.

I believe the ability to play an instrument is only part of musicianship. I also strive to teach my students the theory behind the music they learn.  I have given lessons to everyone from beginners to touring and session players who wanted a better knowledge of their instrument.  I teach guitar, banjo, bass, mandolin and Ukulele and styles of music including (but not limited to): bluegrass, country, rock, jazz, R&B and Gypsy Jazz.  I cherish the opportunity to teach any level of player.  You can schedule a lesson online or you can schedule directly through me.  I am continuously accepting new students.  If you are looking for a Saturday lesson please send me an email.   

How to Make Your Strumming Sound Better Than Ever This is the PDF that accompanies the above video. 96 KB

Lessons are now available at TWO locations!

Please pay attention to which one you are selecting when signing up! 

Located at 3048 Dickerson Pk.  Nashville, TN 37207

Located at 4219 Hillsboro Pike Ste 219 Nashville, TN 37215


"When I started my 9 year old son on guitar lessons, I was very concerned that the teacher both really know his stuff and also be capable of developing a fun teaching relationship with him. Zander met all of these requirements and then some. He put my son at ease, and developed a teaching plan that was geared specifically to him so that he both made quick progress and had a lot of fun playing. In short, Zander is an excellent guitar teacher!"
-John C


"Zander is an excellent teacher for children and adults. He has great knowledge, patience and is kind which makes for a pleasurable learning environment. I'm so glad that we found him! "


"I was in Nashville this past summer and thought a banjo lesson would be cool. I called around for weeks before I arrived and the name Zander Wyatt kept coming up. I left a message on his phone but doubted I’d hear back from him. But in a few days I got a response back. Sure! I only wanted one lesson but Zander put me in the schedule. Cool! I was traveling and so he found a loaner banjo for me. Wow! The lesson, the one lesson, I had with Zander was amazing. In one hour we covered a ton. By the end of that lesson I had a new hand position, my picks were on right, I was playing smoother, and reading tab better. Amazing! If you haven’t guessed by now I totally support Zander. I wish I were in TN and not CA. I would be taking weekly lessons. What more can I say? Zander is great!"

-John from CA